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Long before the new family fashions appeared during confinement, we were already big fans of "Home made" and "good". 

After her bakery lessons, Céline liked to share and introduce her creations to those around her. Each time the feedback on the quality of the products was unequivocal and the demand only increased. François gradually brought his help to the production in order to satisfy the taste wishes of increasingly hungry friends! 


Based on this experience, we find that there is a clientele that wants to give priority to the quality of a product to the detriment of consumption habits "at all, immediately" dictated by mass distribution. So we embark on the adventure, build our workshop and give birth to “Eviga”. 


All our bakery and pastry products are handcrafted on site. 

And yes, two guns can have two different shapes! 😉 


To guarantee the freshness and quality of our products, we have chosen to only sell our production on order.  On the other hand, we attach great importance to the origin of our products and we select our partners with great care.  We work, among other things, with organic flour from the Corioule farm in Assesse. Our criteria are quality and local origin! 

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