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Artisan ice creams and sorbets!

Eviga is also the 100% artisanal production of ice cream and sorbets. 

With us, no powders, chemical flavorses and dyes!  

Our sorbets contain fruit, sugar and water. 

With this artisanal principle, each ingredient has its role to play. Our recipes have been thought out and refined for a long time in order to obtain a subtle mixture, a texture, an almost addictive taste!  

This process takes us longer and is more expensive, but on our scale of values, a few euros of profit or a few minutes saved will never be worth one: "Your ice cream is super good, I've never eaten such Good !" out of a child's mouth! 

Our ice creams and sorbets are available in pots on order for collection on Sunday morning at Eviga.

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