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Au Coeur du Pain


In November 2023, it is with great pride that we join the Au coeur du pain sector. This membership resonates for us as recognition of our work, our values and reinforces our commitment to local, healthy and sustainable food, but also pleasant to taste!

A local bread cereals sector

Led by a group of actors from the Heart of Condroz, the project aims to relocalize quality food.

Bakers, farmers, millers and citizens ensure that grain produced locally in fields that promote biodiversity is found in the breads made locally.

Together, we provide flour (or breads) tending towards the best possible nutritional quality.

Together, we guarantee that all players in the sector obtain fair remuneration and that bread is at an affordable price for consumers.

Together we ensure that the entire process remains transparent.

From the selection of seeds to the marketing of bread, “Au coeur du pain” is a complete sector.

While waiting to be able to offer our entire range, only our rolls and baguettes are made with flour from the sector.

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